FAQs :: About our Products

Tell me more about Limited Editions?

Iconic Images offers limited editions from many of the photographers we work with.  Each photographer or their archive sets their own sizes as well as number of each size offered.  Each limited edition print is also numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the photographer or representative from the archive.

What is a Vintage Print?

A vintage often refers to a print that was produced around the time of when the photograph was originally taken.   In some cases, a vintage print can also mean a print created by the photographer, usually hand-signed, that remained in the photographers archive following the photographer’s death.

What is a Press Print?

A press print is similar, in as such that it was originally printed at the time of when the photograph was taken, but then sent to press agencies or publishers for publication.  These press prints are often stamped on reverse with markings indicating usage, credit and in some rare cases, the original caption material that would run with the image in the press.  Press prints are very rare and can show signs of wear.  Collectors love these original prints, as they are truly unique and have their own exceptional history to them.

What is a Platinum Print?

The Platinum printing process is a rare and highly appreciated technique that was developed in the late nineteenth century, which only a handful of printers in the world have the expertise to practise today. The technique became virtually extinct after World War I due to the shortage and astronomical price rise of the platinum metal, in which place the gelatin silver printing process became more commonplace.

Platinum prints are printed by hand, so each print is unique. The negative, which has to be the same size as the image, is laid directly on a paper that has been treated with a solution containing platinum salts. These salts are embedded in the paper rather than simply lying on top as an emulsion. Since platinum is one of the most stable and un-reactive metals, this technique results in a print that is chemically inert which will not react to light or degrade with time.

In addition to the print’s longevity and rarity, collectors appreciate Platinum prints for their greater tonal range and depth. Rather than a true black or white produced by gelatin silver prints, Platinum prints have a wide range of grey tones which expresses every nuance of detail on the photograph.

Do you have other fine-art prints for sale?

We do!  Iconic Images works with more than 30 different photographers and their archives.  From fashion to fame, politics to sports – we offer a wide-range of fine-art photography to collectors, galleries and museums. Email us directly if you’d like to learn more about Iconic Images and what we do.  carrie@iconicimages.net

Do you offer framing?

We do not offer framing services, but we’re happy to lend our advice and recommendations on how to have your beautiful print framed.

Can I buy a Poster?

No, sorry to say.  Iconic Images only offers limited edition or photographer approved editions of the work.