David Bowie, Sound+Vision Tour, 1990
by Steve Parke


“The merchandising company wanted a new design for the Sound + Vision tour t-shirts, something other than images from the album itself. I’d been working with a bunch of other ‘hands-on’ artists for them, so they asked if I had any design ideas myself, keeping in mind that David Bowie had to approve all his own merchandise.

This was, needless to say, a little intimidating.

I took a look through Bowie‘s catalog and wanted to make sure to pay homage to various points in his career with small visual elements. I was hugely into Gustav Klimt at the time, so I went for that design vibe using swirls and ornamental geometry to support the career elements,  and painted Bowie‘s portrait at the center as Klimt often did. Of course this was still for a t-shirt.

I was thrilled when he okayed the artwork!

Of course this only translated so well to the tour shirts’ screen print so it’s nice to have this representation of my original painting.” – Steve Parke

11×14 inch fine-art print, signed by photographer Steve Parke, edition of 50.

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