Paul Newman: Blue Eyed Cool, Deluxe Milton H. Greene Print Edition


Paul was a superb pool player. Keep in mind that he starred in The Hustler in 1961 with Jackie Gleason playing Minnesota Fats. As a matter of fact, there were stories about Paul, when on location filming, finding himself at a small-town pool hall where the wager would be to vote Democratic on election night. Always the Hustler.” – Joshua Greene

This edition includes an 10×12 inch Baryta Photo Paper print with an Iconic Images stamp on reverse. Also includes a certificate of authenticity signed by son of Milton H. Greene, Joshua Greene.

This incredible book will be packaged in a slipcase along with a signed certificate from Joshua Greene and a print. These are limited to a maximum of 25 per photographer and are therefore very special collectors’ items.

• One of America’s most iconic stars, seen through the lens of six top celebrity photographers
• Featuring photos by Milton Greene, Terry O’Neill, Eva Sereny, Al Satterwhite, Lawrence Fried and Douglas Kirkland
• Includes never-before-seen images of Paul Newman on stage, on set, and while racing
• A must-buy gift for any fan of Paul Newman

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Publisher – ACC Art Books
ISBN – 9781788841672
Published – 14th Jun 2022
Binding – Hardback
Size – 325 mm x 285 mm
Pages – 252 Pages


“Newman’s preternaturally piercing baby blue eyes shine through in every picture, and he was well aware of how his fame rested on the colour of his irises.” — Peter Sheridan, Daily Express

“Hollywood Hunk Paul Newman as you’ve never seen him before.”  — Yahoo! News

Once, when asked how he’d like to be remembered, Paul Newman replied: “I’d like to be remembered as a guy who tried. Tried to be part of his times, tried to help people communicate with one another, tried to find some decency in his own life, tried to extend himself as a human being.”

As an actor who became a film star, Newman repeatedly tapped into his times and in doing so redefined what movie stardom could be. Newman was a new kind of movie star, bringing a particular authenticity, intensity and sensitivity to his performances.

Throughout his career, Newman was extensively photographed: these images enriched film audiences’ connection to him as a cool and graceful presence both on and off-screen.

Milton Greene, Douglas Kirkland, Lawrence Fried, Terry O’Neill, Al Satterwhite and Eva Sereny are amongst the photographers who worked with Newman on and off-set across his career. From early stage work with his wife, Joanne Woodward, to his love of racing cars, to the essential 1980s drama Absence of Malice to the great success of the new western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the cult favourites, Pocket Money and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Newman’s movies were an essential part of American culture.

With comment and contributions from the photographers, Paul Newman: Blue Eyed Cool, gathers together portraits, stage, racing and on-set photography — including never before seen images — in a celebration of an actor who was always… cool.

Paul Newman: Blue Eyed Cool is a must-have for fans who see in Newman’s work and in his life a true hero.